Online Backup for Desktop PCs and Servers

Online Backup

The information we store as businesses is usually crucial to keeping us running, whether that be accounting records, customer information or day to day files.

While we are all aware that we need to keep our information safe we often the last thing on the priority list until something goes wrong. Our online backup solution allows you to backup your files, databases and even Exchange mailboxes quickly and simply. You can simply install the software on your Windows desktop or server and schedule a backup to run at regular intervals. We can even set this up for you if you prefer.

All of our packages support many popular website platforms including:

  • Supports Windows Desktop & Servers
  • MSSQL Support
  • Microsoft Exchange Support
  • Will backup open files
  • Easy to increase space when needed
  • No additional fees to plugins

Your backup account will be setup quickly and you will be provided with a link to download our backup software.
We are always here to help with setting up or maintaining you backup solution by calling 01925 398 666

Get started with 10GB for only £10 per month

Our starter package with 10GB of storage is perfect to get started quickly.

10GB of storage
Use on multiple machines

To get your account setup simply click on the button below.
£10.00 /Month (exc VAT)

10GB Online Backup
Ideal package to get you started

10GB of Backup Space
£19.00 /Month (exc VAT)

20GB Online Backup
Our most popular package

20GB of Backup Space
£27.00 /Month (exc VAT)

30GB Online Backup

30GB of Backup Space
£34.00 /Month (exc VAT)

40GB Online Backup

40GB of Backup Space
£40.00 /Month (exc VAT)

50GB Online Backup

50GB of Backup Space
£45.00 /Month (exc VAT)

60GB Online Backup

60GB of Backup Space
If you need more space we can provide you with a very competitive quote, simply call us on 01925 398 666 and we will get a quote for you straight away.