How much does business line rental cost per month?
Our business line rental costs just £13 + VAT per month.

What is a stopped line?
A stopped line is a pre-existing phone line that has been left in a state known as stopped, we can re-activate this for you rather than you having to pay for a complete new installation. A stopped line may have been left by a previous business where you are currently located.

How can I find out if there are any stopped lines where I am?
You can simply call us on 01925 398 666 and we can find out for you.

What is the difference between line rental from BT and line rental with HostingIT?
There is no difference in terms of the products that you will receive as our phone lines are purchased from BT Openreach, however you do receive a high level of customer service which is down to earth with the intention of being as helpful as possible.

Which type of phone line do I need, PSTN or ISDN?
Firstly, to have broadband you must have at least one single-line PSTN. However, when it comes to phones there are several different options. you could have the most basic single-line PSTN connected to one analogue phone. Or you could have a multi-line PSTN phone system connected to multiple analogue phones with the same number, ringing in order. Or finally, you could have an ISDN phone system, either ISDN2e which allows two channels (lines) through one pair, or ISDN 30 which allows up to 30. The main advantage of any ISDN line is that you can have multiple different numbers on the same line.

What is care level 2 and what is included?
Care level 2 is the service operated by BT to respond to a reported fault within 4 working hours during normal business hours. We provide this as standard with any line rental.

What other care levels are available and what is included in them?
Care level 1 which is the service offering a response to a reported fault within a maximum of 24 hours which is why we choose level 2 as standard for the higher levels of support. Also, there is level 3 which guarantees 24/7 support including bank and public holidays, this comes as only a small additional cost to the additonal line rental price.

Why a three month minimum contract rather than a one or two year minimum?

We choose to offer a three month minimum contract to not tie down the customer to a large contract which they have no control over as at HostingIT we strive to achieve customer satisfaction in all areas.

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