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Domain Registration

Along with our hosting packages we can also register your domain name for you. You can also transfer your domain name to us from another provider if you are looking for a better service or price.

We can register a wide range of domain names for you, including, .com, and many more.
When you register a domain through us you can be sure that the domain is registered in your name and address (or you companies) so you always retain ownership.

We are totally transparent when it comes to our prices and renewal policies, so you don't get caught out. With .uk domains for £8 + VAT for 2 years we offer excellent value as well.

If you are would like advice on which domains to register we are always here to help by calling 01925 398 666

The prices for domain registration and renewals are displayed below, with a simple button to register in a few steps.

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Quickly check if the domain you want is available. Simply enter the domain you want and click on Check Domain.

Our Promises To You
  • All domains will be registered in your name
  • We will never charge you a penny to move your domains away should you ever wish to
  • Our renewal prices are always the same as our registration prices

Register your domain now in a few simple steps...

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FAQs about Domain Registration

Do you charge to transfer a domain away from you?
No, we don't charge anything if you ever want to move a domain away from you. We also try and make it as simple as possible.

Does it cost anymore to renew a domain than to register it?
No, we charge the same amount to renew our domains as it costs to register. So you won't be hit with a large bill when it comes to renewing.

What do I have to do to transfer my .uk domain to you?
All you have to do to transfer your .uk domain to us is change the tag to 'INSTALLINGIT', you can do this in one of three ways. Firstly, you could ask your current registrar to change the tag themselves, you could change it through a control panel provided by your registrar and if neither of these options are applicable to you, you can change it via your Nominet online services account at a price of £12+VAT.

How long does the transfer take for a .uk domain?
The change of the domain moving onto our tag is instantaneous.

What additional costs will there be?
There are no additional charges to move onto our tag, and your domain will continue with its current expiry date so no renewal is necessary.

How do I transfer a .com domain?
Transferring a .com domain basically works in two simple steps. Firstly you need to have your domain unlocked by your current registrar and you need to get an EPP code from them, when you have these you send the EPP code to us and we start the transfer. Secondly, you will receive an email from us after the transfer has been started to accept the changes and your domain will be transferred to us.

How long does a .com domain take to transfer? And are there any transfer costs?
Once you have accepted the change the transfer of the domain takes five days. However, even though you don't have to pay any transfer fees, when the transfer is completed you will be charged for a year's renewal of your domain which adds on to your existing registration.